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Family Bonds: Lake Oswego's Top Family-Friendly Restaurants!

Hey there, foodie families and culinary adventurers! If you're on the hunt for a city where delightful dining meets family fun, Lake Oswego, Oregon, is your gastronomic playground. As your trusty real estate sidekick, I've scoured the streets and sipped countless cups of coffee to bring you the lowdown on the best family-friendly restaurants in the area. Buckle up your taste buds, because Lake Oswego is serving up a banquet of flavors fit for the whole family!

family restaurants in lake oswego

1. Stickmen Brewing Company: Hold onto your pretzels, because Stickmen Brewing Company isn't just a craft beer haven—it's a family-friendly wonderland! With a menu boasting everything from gourmet burgers to kid-approved mac 'n' cheese, it's the perfect spot for a laid-back family meal. Bonus: Outdoor seating for those sunny Oregon days!

2. Babica Hen Café: Brunch, anyone? Babica Hen Café is a family favorite, offering a cozy atmosphere and a menu that caters to both young and mature palates. From fluffy pancakes to hearty omelets, there's something for every member of the brunch bunch.

3. Pizzicato Lake Oswego: Pizza, pasta, and pure family joy – that's the Pizzicato promise. This family-friendly joint is perfect for pizza parties and pasta feasts. Plus, they offer gluten-free options for those with dietary adventures.

4. Riccardo's Ristorante: Transport your family to Italy without leaving Lake Oswego at Riccardo's Ristorante. This cozy spot serves up authentic Italian cuisine that will have your taste buds singing "That's Amore!" The warm ambiance and friendly staff make it an ideal spot for family celebrations.

5. Gubanc's Pub: Burgers, brews, and a side of family fun – that's the Gubanc's Pub motto. This laid-back eatery is a local gem, with a menu that caters to all tastes. The kids' menu ensures the little ones leave with smiles as big as their appetites.

6. Kyra's Bake Shop: Sweet tooth alert! Kyra's Bake Shop is a gluten-free paradise that turns dessert into an art form. From cupcakes to cookies, everything is baked with love and crafted to perfection. It's a must-visit for families with a penchant for delectable delights.

In Lake Oswego, good food isn't just a meal; it's an experience shared with the ones you love. So, whether you're settling into your new home or just exploring the neighborhood, rest assured that Lake Oswego's culinary scene is here to turn every meal into a family memory. Here's to happy tummies and even happier hearts in the city where family and flavor collide! 🍕🍔🍝


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